About Warren

Hi everyone and welcome to The Big Dog Site, our new website that is Specifically created to help owners of larger breed dogs.

My story so far

Peebles Scotland

I grew up in the beautiful historic town of Peebles in the Scottish borders surrounded by rolling hills and the River Tweed, well-known for salmon fly-fishing.

During my time living there and still a child I remember my parents being the proud owners of 9 German Shepherd puppies and their wonderful mother Bonnie,

German Shepard puppies
German Shepherd puppies
Bonnie Mother of Puppies

I also remember my mother telling me stories of when I was a toddler of sleeping with all the puppies and even sharing their dog biscuits, much to her dismay …. I know, weird right !

Halcon the puppy we kept

With the exception of one puppy which we kept and named Halcon all our puppies found there forever homes one even going to the Royal Air Force





Nice surprise

I had lots of different dogs growing up but one memory that’s sticks out was the day my dad went out to work as normal but this time came back with a customers dog, Kaya a Briard,   

Rescue Kaya looking Happy

the elderly woman herself had rescued Kaya but could not cope anymore and asked my dad if he would like to give her a home, so you could imagine my surprise, when I was greeted with 2 happy faces on my arrival home.

She was an amazing and happy dog and fitted right in  with our own dog Odin a Champagne colored Bearded Collie.

Odin getting his first bath
Odin 12 weeks

Flying the nest

I finally moved out of my parents house at the age of 26, I wanted my own dog so began researching different breeds and after 6 months the one I fell in love with was a Rottweiler so I bought my puppy and named him Kaiser, despite being told I was mad and that it was a dangerous dog we proved everyone wrong and he turned out to be an amazing intelligent and loving dog.

Rottweiler Kaiser aged 10

When our firstborn arrived Kaiser was so protective of him that he would not let anyone close unless they had been fully introduced. He was so good with people even those unsure of a big dog had him sitting on their lap !! Sadly he passed away due to a struggle with Cancer aged (10) R.I. P Kaiser.

The new Puppy

After a couple of long years we finally decided to get another dog, but I didn’t want to replace Kaiser with another Rottweiler so I searched for a different breed and finally came across one I really liked which was a Cane Corso we picked a puppy from a highly recommended breeder in the UK and named him Kody he is 8 months old and already 118 lbs of pure puppy.

Cane Corso Kody 10 weeks

He is such a character, very playful and great with our two kids 6 and 8 years old, he is already very protective of his new human family which is one of the many traits I like about the Cane Corso. Although these dogs are naturally protective they do require strict boundaries and training.

Your one true best friend

As an animal lover myself, especially of big dogs I wanted to see if I could help others by sharing my experiences with you .

Our aim

I wanted to create a website where owners can come to buy things, ask any questions without feeling judged and give or receive advice about their best furry friends.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,