Crate Training With A Puppy – My Cane Corso

A crate, sometimes called a (cage) is usually a metal enclosure with a door that secures the puppy from the dangers of the outside world and is somewhere the puppy can go to rest and feel safe.


Why use a crate for your puppy ?

A crate is a must have for all dog owners, we have been using a crate with all our dogs from a tiny puppy up to a massive adult dog it just makes life for you and the dog much easier, it can assist with everything from toilet training to journeys in the car to help with new visitors to your property, and most of all if its done correctly it gives the puppy a safe place to retreat when it all becomes too much for him or her.

What are the benefits ?

  • you can put him in and shut the door at night knowing he will be safe
  • it can be used to toilet them train as they don’t like messing in their own bed
  • if you are on a raw diet you can feed them in the crate so they don’t leave meat around your home
  • you can leave them for short periods of time while you pop out to the shops
  • if you’re eating a meal you can put them in the cage to stop them pestering you
  • when on car journeys he can be put in his crate to keep him safe and secure
  • it gives your pup a safe place that is his to sleep, rest or hide
  • you can use the crate when new people visit if he gets over exited

How do you crate train your puppy ?

Crate training with a puppy should start straight away, when we got Kody at 8 weeks we took a small cage with us that fitted in our estate car with the back seat folded down so he could see us. It was about a 7-hour drive away from us so we had to be sure the cage was safe and comfortable for the long journey back, when we arrived at the breeders we were so exited to see our new pup, we had been 3 times previously so knew them well, we were given food supplies and loads of advice but most importantly they gave us a piece of the vet bed from the mothers kennel so it had all the familiar smells the pup was used too .

After spending a few hours with our new Cane Corso pup Our Cane Corso puppy

playing showing him the car and cage it was time for the long drive home. We got about an hour up the motorway and had to stop as he was not a happy chap, we let him out on the tarmac in the car park as he had not had all his vaccinations yet.

He was fine most of the way home until we were nearly home when it all started to go wrong, he started to cry and bite his wire cage so we thought he must be needing the loo again but we were being played by this clever little puppy, as every time we stopped he just wanted in the front of the car to play around, after about another 4 or 5 stops we decided to show him some tough love and put him back in his cage, but no longer were we on the move he decided to relive himself all over his cage and walk around in it all,Puppy 1 owners 0 .

From that moment on our cute adorable little puppy turned into a barking biting monster even managing to make a hole in his metal cage that was supposed to be indestructible !! he then proceeded to bark solidly for the last hour of the drive despite all our efforts right up until we pulled into the drive, then silence as our cute puppy returned to us. We took him out the car and into the house by this time it was getting pretty late at night, we had a play, gave him food,put him in his cage and began the long night ahead ,

What crate should I get and what else should I consider ?

We got a cage which was for a fully grown medium size dog, but we soon learned that this was a mistake, he absolutely hated the cage no matter what we done, we decided that it must be to small for him, although you could probably fit 4 puppies in there lol .

I ordered The biggest metal crate I could find but it only came with a tray for the bottom and no roof, should have read the description more,but this was fine as it was massive and there was no way he would get out we even cut and screwed a piece of plywood on top and this is also great storage for his things !

We made one side for his bed the other was for his food and water bowls, we were given puppy pads by a friend and advised to use them as a training aid, big mistake ! he saw them as a play thing and had ripped them open and the stuff was everywhere so I would strongly advise against them as I am not sure what it contains and if he could choke on the fibres.

I see a lot of sites recommending sizing the crate to the puppies dimensions but I would recommend for large dogs that grow at the rate mine does that you get the biggest crate and simply section it off as needed that way you don’t have to buy a new crate every 2 weeks !! also, the dog will be used to it and have his own smell in it which will give him comfort.

We currently use and strongly recommend the use of  CCTV cameras , Crate Rage lol

As you can see in the picture to the left, you can catch criminals in the act lol.!!

you can get Wireless CCTV kits which you can add additional cameras or even go down the route of a PTZ for 360 deg viewing most also have a 2 way audio so you can hear and speak to your puppy. We also have Amazon echo dot so you can drop in or like we do, play music for dogs which when we go out seems to put him straight to sleep lol.







What you should not use a crate for :

  • Do not use the crate to discipline the puppy, this will have an adverse affect and the puppy will not go back in.
  • Do not keep the puppy or dog in a crate for long periods of time
  • Do not use the crate to keep them in because you can’t be bothered with playing with them
  • Do not use the crate if your puppy or dog suffers from separation anxiety , instead try to help your pup with special training.
  • Do not leave a pup or adult dog in a crate if they have not been exercised first
  • Do not use the crate if your puppy or dog has been ill, unless you supervise them.