Dogs and Fireworks anxiety

How to keep a Dog calm during fireworks ?

Fireworks for us are amazing the loud bangs the dark sky lit up with beautiful patterns, but for our furry friends this can be quite an ordeal. They don’t  understand whats going on and the loud bangs they here are amplified with their great hearing as much as 4 times as ours, so its important to look after your dog during this time !


Top Tips for fireworks night to keep your dog safe & calm :

* Walk your dog well before you think the fireworks will begin. 

* Act normally around your dog, pretend as though the fireworks aren’t happening !

* Put the TV on or play music and turn the volume up.

* If your dog comes to you scared, ignore them, then distract with a game. 

* Do not comfort a scared dog or reward them when they are crying or barking as this will only reinforce their fear making it harder to deal with in the future. 

* Also never punish or shout at your dog when they are scared as this will only make things worse in the long run.
* keep your dog indoors if possible where they are familiar and feel safe.
* Create a den for them to feel safe and secure.
* Feed your dog a good while before you expect any disturbances.
* Keep windows and curtains shut to reduce noise.