Training My Cane Corso

Training my Cane Corso Puppy so far…
Training a Thief

There are good days and bad days, but we wouldn’t have it any other way he is such a massive part of the family now.

Step 1 of many:

Kody attending his first class

Registering Kody at my local dog training obedience class at 12 weeks old we go every Tuesday night 7-8pm.

It was perfect for socialization with other puppies and people, we have learned the following commands: sit, stay, down and his recall has been absolutely amazing since day one, I think because he is so food orientated it makes things bit easier.

Steak, yum yum

I am doing short spurts of training every single day using treat rewards and keeping his brain stimulated by playing games including seek and fetch, with fetch it best to play with two toys as he is never likes to give it up, so always having something better than what he is has currently got works well with this type of breed.

Good Tip:

Always try to find a trainer who is willing to go the extra mile and is genuinely passionate about dogs

My Local dog training club is run by Gordon and Amanda who are trained by the Scottish Kennel Club and have years of experience with dogs. But they have never met a Kody before… they both went away and done some research specifically on the Cane Corso breed which I thought was very nice of them.

You can check out this link below for more information and books it might be helpful :

Selecting the right Collar and Lead :

I started off with a small collar and soft lead, and then progress to a half-and-half choker to get him in check when he was pulling, as he got alot bigger it was very difficult to control him so I bought a halti all in one Training lead, and used this as well as the lead and collar, this was not easy as he is constantly tried to pull the Halti off, on one walk I stopped and put it back on 17 times, I wasn’t going to give up, and it worked !! after 3 weeks of perseverance he is now walking great so I decided to go back to the half-and-half choker at about 7 months old and have been using that ever since.


I recently bought the Julius K9 harness and he is has been wearing it occasionally to get used to it but still with his collar on, I am hoping with a lot more training he is will walk perfectly at my side and we can just use the harness. My Breeder did however mention that using just the harness on him when he is still growing could potentially harm his joints , so its more for show as i think he looks cool . We will continue just using the collar and lead until he is fully grown.

We are currently working on the command LEAVE, so if we see another dog we use this command and he is walks past and completely ignores them unless we give the command “go on then” to say he is can go and say hello, this is going very well and he is keeping all his focus on me unless he is sees a bird that is, but that’s something we are going to have to work on he is still very much a puppy and likes to run about like a clown and have lots of fun.

One to One Training is the best

Once he has had a little run about and got the exsess energy out ,he stays close by my side and always stops and waits for you. However when we are out as a family ,he panics if one of us are out of sight and goes looking for that person, Kody is a lot easier to train one to one as when its 4 of us this can be a little confusing for him off the lead, especially when the kids are running off in different directions, he isn’t quite sure who to go to first but this is something we are working on.

Puppy in a large body – what could go wrong …..

Training my Cane Corso is so important , espessialy with him being 130 pounds (58.6Kg) at only 11 months and very much a puppy in a large body, he has no idea of his size yet and we have been (Corsoed) knocked over quite a few times, so trying to stop him from getting over excited and realizing to slow down when hes charging towards you is our current challenge.

Second Fear Stage

The last couple of months he has been going through a second fear stage, one day hes all confident and the next hes scared of his own shadow, the skills of learning how to shake it off and keep going will be valuable to him for the rest of his life. It will also reduce the chances that the things he fears will not be permanently imprinted for life, this period can come and go several times from 6-14 months, we are working on desensitization in his day to day suroundings , things like loud bangs, other dogs barking , cyclists, Cars, people shouting,thunder and lightning and even things like someone putting up an umbarella can scare a dog but you must avoid coddling for this behavior it will only reinforce the fear that you are trying to get rid of in the dog, Instead dont react yourself, stay calm and keep moving froward ,offer encouragement if needed but timeing is key here, praise and reward him for carrying on working through the fear, some walks are completely different to others so I have to be prepared for this fearfulness at all times and be aware of all surroundings and triggers around me.

Training – keeping it fun !

Try to keep walks interesting, I think you need to have a balanced walk especially to make it fun for them or they lose interest and don’t want to do anything you say, have plenty playtime off the lead using toys so they can practice fetch and recall at the same time.

Train off lead & on lead as well as training at home, in the garden and as I mentioned above a local club. I am constantly learning new things every day and I think a good dog owner should always be open to new suggestions and tips to always keep themselves and there dog safe, speaking of which I just came across a great Video on Facebook, Zen Dog Whispering by Ken Stronach. It was all about teaching us to walk properly not the Dog !! We tried his technique the following day with Kody and it really works he walked perfectly !!

If another owner puts there dog on a lead, I do the same, its about being courteous and also the other dog might not be good with dogs, so you don’t want a potentially dangerous situation to ocurr or be disrespectful towards other owners as there may be a reason they are putting the dog on a lead.
We recently completed and passed the Kennel club good citizen dog training scheme bronze test:

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Award aims to produce a dog that will walk and

behave in a controlled manner on the lead, will stay in one position on command, will allow its

owner to clean, groom and inspect it, a dog that will walk and behave in a happy natural manner,

under control on the lead.

The dog must also be able to be positioned by the handler for inspection

i.e. stand, sit or lie down on either side or on his back, all on the lead. A dog must come to hand when called.

The Bronze award aims to provide the handler with a basic knowledge and understanding of training a canine


The bronze test is made up of 10 different categories which include:

Exercise 1Cleanliness and Identification

Exercise 2 – Collar, Lead and Equipment

Exercise 3 – Walk on Lead

Exercise 4 – Control at Door/Gate

Exercise 5 – Controlled Walk Among People And Dog

Exercise 6 – Stay on Lead for One Minute

Exercise 7 – Grooming

Exercise 8 – Examination of the Dog

Exercise 9 – Return to Handler (Recall)

Exercise 10 – Responsibility and Care

The Bronze Test

Scottish Kennel Club 2019

We also recently took part inhave a goat The kennel club championship show Edinburgh 2019 but because the Cane Corso isn’t a recognized breed by the kennel club we were unable to compete in any events, I am hoping in the future they will become a recognized breed.

Training my Cane Corso puppy must be consistent and fun. There have been many ups and downs and times when I wanted to give up, but I know for sure I don’t want to let myself or my puppy down and my aim is to have a well-trained, well-behaved, lovely dog that will be a credit to his Breed, I plan to work hard every day to achieve this goal !!

I hope this post has been of some use to you and I welcome any comments you would like to leave.

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