What to do if dog is choking !

Would you know what to do if your dog was choking ?

Warning: be very careful when dealing with a dog that’s choking, even calm animals can panic when they cannot breathe !

The (A.B.C)  is an easy way for you to remember in case of emergency’s, should your dog be struggling to breathe. 

(A). is for airway

(B). is for breathing

(C). is for circulation

CPR for Dogs

How to perform CPR on a Dog

If you suspect your dog is Choking it is important to stay calm for your dogs sake, but also acting quickly is a must, if contacting a Veterinarian is not possible at the time, we would strongly advise you get your dog to them ASAP! as some objects can cause further damage to your dogs throat that might not be apparent. 

Step 1

Ask for help if possible to Securely restrain your dog-this will avoid you potentially getting bitten from a panicking dog. If help is not available try placing your legs either side of the neck holding firmly this will free your hands to open his mouth.

Step 2

Open your dogs mouth, its important not to hesitate at this stage, just get right in and check to see if there’s anything obstructing their airways (A)  if you have help, ask them to shine a light down into the mouth.

*This could be a torch or your mobile phone.*

If you can see the item that is choking your dog reach in and carefully try to remove it, if you cant see it don’t just put your fingers down as you might push it further down deeper into throat.

Step 3

If you are unable to clear the obstruction from inside the mouth you will need to move behind the dog and put your hands under the belly and lift upwards– leaving the font legs on the ground,check to see if object has been dislodged.

Step 4

Failing the above steps you will need to perform a similar action to humans called the Heimlich Maneuver this is for big dogs.

Again from behind the dog put your hands under the dogs belly like step 3 but this time the soft part just behind the Rib cage, make a fist with one hand and cover with the other,

now you are going to use an upward & forward motion do this quickly 3-4 times in succession then sweep the mouth again to hopefully remove the object.

Place both hands under the soft part just behind the Ribs and lift up and push forward quickly.

Step 5

If the dog is lying down, place one hand on its back and use the other to push the abdomen in and up towards the spine, again this should be done quickly 3-4 times in succession.

Hopefully by this stage you have successfully removed the object and are now making arrangements to get them to veterinarian !

Step 6

CPR : Cardio-Pulmonary- Resuscitation

If you have completed steps 1-5 but now your dog is unconscious act quickly check your…….. A.B.C

A= Airways, are they now clear ? (Double check to see if mouth is now clear and tongue now not in the way.)

B= Breath, is the dog still breathing ? (Look for rise and fall of the chest, listen and feel for breath as it may be very shallow)

C= Circulation, is there a heart beat – pulse ? (Check for a pulse tyipcally by placing two fingers on the inner side of the upper thigh over the femoral artery dont press to hard as this may make it difficult to feel a pulse.

But if you do need to perform CPR on your dog we have included a link to a Youtube video below, It might be a good idea to learn CPR now in case of emergency’s.

I hope this post was useful to you and if there are any questions please feel free to leave a comment.

If you are looking for a more in depth Video i would recommend watching this one as well